The Desert Heat Has Retreated!!!

Here in the desert South West we have been enduring an excessively hot summer. Last Saturday we topped out at an all time  high temperature of 119 degrees. That is in the shade! The heat was thick and oppressive. 

During the Fourth of July celebrations, I stepped out to see the fireworks displays. The colors lighting up the night sky were beautiful. But the beauty was eclipsed by an eeriness. The heat still hung so heavily in a windy atmosphere. Making it all even worse was the smoke from two nearby fires. The night felt apocalyptic. I’ve never experienced anything like that before, nor do I ever again wish to.

Today our high temp was 98 degrees. The wind is still with us. But at least it brought a few rain drops along with it today. I am so very thankful to God for the coolness that is now here! My hope is that it stays with us awhile.Image